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Russian Marriage

Traditional Russian Weddings

Traditional Weddings are still very common in Russia. Some include western traditions such as bridesmaids and grooms-men but most still have the significant aspects of a traditional wedding ceremony. (Photo Credit: lkny25/Flickr) A traditional wedding ceremony in the Eastern Orthodox Church occurs in the Russian church, the venchanie. The wedding ceremony is divided into two parts: the … More...

Pelmeni - Russian-Ravioli

Russian Ravioli

Russian foods are the best and the Russian Ravioli or the Pelmeni is the traditional Russian food that has gained tremendous popularity in many parts of the world. Pelmeni is one of the most ancient foods in Russia. In Europe this food is sometimes referred to as the ravioli. Both appear the same and they taste great. Russian ravioli is made with pork mixed with ground beef, and salt and … More...


Would you recommend Turgenev or Pushkin to read?

Question by Amanda: Should I read Turgenev or Pushkin next? This summer, my personal little reading project was to read a basic survey of the great, canonical Russian writers, because, owing to an unfortunate reading of War and Peace at the age of eight (long story, I was offered money, I got … More...


How would you sum up Joseph Stalin and his reign

Question by Jordan: General summary on Joseph Stalin ? Can someone give me some bullet points to sum up Joseph Stalin and his reign? Photo Credit: The National Archives UK/Flickr Answers and Views: Answer by Oscar C Joseph Stalin AKA 'Uncle Joe'. Stalin translates to 'Man of … More...

Catherine the Great of Russia

Catherine the Great – Empress and Autocrat of 18th Century Russia

Empress Catherine II of Russia (1729-86), commonly known as Catherine the Great, was one of Russia's greatest and most energetic rulers. Following in the footsteps of her predecessor Peter I (Peter the Great), she pursued the Westernization and territorial expansion of Russia. Born into a German … More...

Baikal is the deepest lake

Lake Baikal, Russia: Seven Days on Olkhon Island

Let's get one thing straight: the water in Lake Baikal is cold. It's late afternoon in the middle of July, the sun is beating down and the thermometer is touching thirty. Perfect for a dip in the water, right? Wrong. It's freezing. But there is an old saying in these parts that touching the Baikal … More...

Maltese Cross plant

Native Flowers of Russia

Russia is a huge country in terms of area. Due to its large size, the country has continental weather. It also has a diverse landscape and so, various types of flowers can thrive in the country. Some of the flowers grown in the country are not native to Russia. For example, Chamomile, which is … More...


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To Russia with dog

To Russia With Dog

Entering Russia Entering Russia with one or two of your dogs is not a very complicated procedure. There is no quarantine, and you don’t need any import permit. Microchips for dogs … More...

Smiley Samoyeds

Smiley Samoyed

It's impossible to forget the disarming smile of the Samoyed. This fluffy breed of Russian origin is a happy, well-natured creature having an enthusiastic attitude towards life and … More...