Are there any living descendants of the royal Romanov family?

Question by The Big Bean: Are there any living descendants of the Romanov family?
I was looking through my World History notes today (we have a notebook and we have to highlight important stuff), and i was reading about the Romanov family and how they were murdered in the Bolshevik revolution. Then I got thinking, is there any living relatives of them? Like maybe Czar Nicholas had a brother or a cousin or something.

Is there?


Quick answer:

Answer by joe.finkle
They are interrelated with a lot of other royal families around Europe. There are no substantiated descendents of the dynasty itself though. Over the years there have been a few people who have claimed to be the princess Anastasia, who was rumered to have survived. None of those claims has ever been very credible. Those stories spawned the Disney movie.

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  1. TLJ110166 says

    I know of someone who is a descendent, through his father, of an illegitimate child of Alexander I of Russia. We’re cousins through our mothers.

  2. robe says

    Cousins – yes – the royal families of Europe.

    Direct descendants – maybe, but unlikely, as the story of Anestasia (sp?) illustrates.

  3. GenevievesMom says

    Prince Phillip of Great Britain is a nephew of the Czarina. There are several archdukes and archduchesses in Europe who were direct nieces and nephews. Most of the German, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian royals are related to both the Czar and Czarina. In fact, other than the Grimaldis from Monaco, most of the European royals are one big family (many times over).

  4. dlpm says

    Yes, including:

    Prince Philip MOUNTBATTEN (1921 – )
    father: Prince Andrew of Greece (1882-1944)
    grandmother: Princess Olga Constantinovna (1851-1926)
    gr-grfather: Grand Duke Constantine (1827-1892)
    gr-gr-grfather: Czar Nicholas I ROMANOV (1796-1855)

    In fact, Prince Philip gave DNA for testing when forensic scientist were trying to determine if they'd found the remains of Nicholas II and his family. The test came back positive for a family relationship.

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