Are we close to another cold war?

Question by Buck: Are we close to another cold war with Russia?
I’ve heard that Russia might slip back into communism and become irritated with the US, sparking another cold war.

Has anyone else heard anything about this?

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Answer by sportsfreak01234
no because if the US wanted to they could wipe them from the history books within seconds

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  1. Kluge says

    HELL YES, Whenever your politicians say something you never believe it they make there lives from lying. Here is something. We thing we have best and only stealth strike fighter the F-22 Raptor. Well the Russian have a very good one our government does not want to tell you about. Look for the SU-50 and the MiG-47 They are also coming out with one hell of a stealth navy and will be adding aircraft carriers to there arsenal. Plus the are now moving troops, weapons, and tactical nukes back to the European border like in the cold war. So I would have to say yes. Plus think about it. Vladimir Putin used to be head of the KGB during communism Constantine Chernyenko.

  2. Otro_apodo says

    "for his own gratification"? Who's "him"? Dr. No? Goldfinger?How old are you? 4?

    The cold war (well, any war) just feeds too many pockets as to oversimplify the answer.

    I am not in the US, so from a foreign perpective, I should remember you about the whole "reconversion" problem you had after the cold war. Wheter we like it or not, most of the technological evolution was, and is, driven by wars. A big part of the US economy is driven by wars. A huge amount from the US taxpayer money goes to military budgets, and goes back to the society by means of millons of jobs, directly or indirectly. You pursue conflicts all around the world in where to play a military role. And no, most of the times no one need your help, even when you believe you're saving us all.

    This is your game, we're all used to it. What amazes me is… how's possible that everyone else but you aknowledge?

    I don't know if Russia could slip back to communism (and that would be the less of my worries), but I may understand why they could become irritated with the US. And I don't require any "bad boy" to justify it. They have a long history, a rich culture, they're proud of it (as they deserve to be), and they believe they have the same right you have to shape they world the way they like, as you've been doing. And for as long as you believe no one else but you deserve such a right, you will face oposition. It's just human nature.

    • save the U.S says

      If the rest of the world did not ask for the U.S. for help then we would not be playing this”game”. Also think of all the money we the U.S. could save if we did not give aid to all the other country’s.It is my belief that the U.S. should become an isolated country and let every one else make it on there own. For way to long the rest of the world has become dependent on U.S. welfare and it is time we cut the purse strings, then see how well you in other country’s survive.

  3. sureshot649 says

    i doubt they’ll slip back into Communism, per say. I’d say they’re going towards what China is right now, a repressive, one-party-rule dictatorship.

  4. Gershon ben David says

    Russia is the same as the old Sovietunion was. The cold war ended for a short time when Gorbachev tried to civilise the country. Putin reversed all reforms and brings back the cold war just for his own personal gratification.

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