Does anyone know the truth about the death of Rasputin?

Question by Nadia: Does anyone know the truth about the death of Gregori Rasputin?
The Romanov story and tragedy are very fascinating to me. If you know anything PLZ tell me I would REALLY like to know.

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Answer by davght
A plan using one of St Petersburg’s most beautiful women, Princess Irina Yusupova, as a bait to lure Rasputin into their trap. Although Princess Irina was out of town Rasputin was told that she was returning for a secret assignation with him. Rasputin was overjoyed at the prospect of seducing the most beautiful woman in society. That evening Rasputin dressed with care. By 11 pm on the night of 16th December everything was ready. Cakes filled with chocolate and rose cream had been prepared and laced with potassium cyanide. The glasses which would hold Rasputin’s favorite drink, Madeira and Marsala, had also had poison added to them. Prince Feliks Yusupov collected Rasputin and delivered him to the Yusupov Palace on the river Moika. Here Rasputin was told that Irina was entertaining guests and would be with him shortly. Of course she never would arrive and Prince Yusupov began to serve Rasputin the poisoned drinks and cakes but to his horror Rasputin just kept eating and drinking eventually requesting that gypsy songs be played. Prince Yusupov spoke with his accomplices and then returned with a revolver and shot Rasputin. Rasputin dropped to the floor but then struggled to his feet, lurched up to the main floor and fell out of a side door into a courtyard. The assassins fired two more shots and missed both times. Having failed in their attempt to kill Rasputin the three conspirators tied his hands over his head and eventually dropped his body under the ice of the River Neva. An autopsy carried out on the body revealed that neither the poison or bullet had killed Rasputin it was the river that held that privilege – his lungs were filled with water.

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  1. A.P says

    in the Russian empire the queen Alexandria had a son name Alexia he had haemophilia a sickness which clots the blood so she was very Christian so searched for Gods help and a monk named Rasputin came the pray for the prince and some how he was healed for some time so later he kept on coming to the palace and the people thought the tsarina was sleeping with him so the empresses cousin a doctor some MP and other men wanted to kill Rasputin so the empresses cousin invited Rasputin to a party at his palace so the queen cousin took him downstairs and fed him some cakes with poising then shot him the men took him to a river after Rasputin some how surviving the shot and poising the men castrated stabbed and shot him then throw him in to a frozen river finally he died only after drowning

  2. Lord Lucan says

    The German band Boney-M wrote a song about the chap.
    'Ra Ra Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen. There was a cat that really was gone' was how it went. Sums it all up really.
    Came to a sticky end. Thrown into the river. That will teach him to go messing with the Tsarina!

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