Does drinking half a bottle of vodka a night make you an alcoholic?

Question by 25 Darkcloud: Does drinking a bottle of vodka a night between two people make you an alcoholic?
Me and my fiance drink almost a whole bottle of vodka a night (750ML bottles mostly). We’re both 19 and 20. We just do it when we relax, wich is mostly at night…does that make us alcoholics? And is alcohol unhealthy for your body to drink that much?
ok well we havent been drinking for years we just started drinking like 5 months ago like this.

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Answer by Lisa
yes that would make you alcoholics. You aren’t even legal age yet and you’re drinking more than normal. and it is very bad for your body. It can completely destroy your liver

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  1. Kirk says

    my parents drink the same if not more every night, i am too worried about the outcome. I have also developed a drinking habbit from my parents, I drink once or twice a week, but to eccess… and I don't think I've gone a wekk without geting smooshed since I was about 11 years old… are my parents going to harm themselves with there drinking habbits? and am I going down the same road… to me at the minute I'm still fighting fit but I fear I will start to deteriorate… but I do fear you guys are far too young to be drinking this much just to be sat at home, there must be fun to have other ways???!!! I keep thinking to my self can I still have fun without getting trashed… and yes I can, and just think of the money saved…. and the sex is better sober too :)

  2. John Q says

    It depends, do you have to drink 750 ml a night. Alcoholics drink because they have too. Alcoholics usually drink due to problems in their life, and this is a self medication for them. If you have a compulsion to drink, or feel a need to drink, then you might have a problem. Try going a week with out drinking, if you can, then you are not an alcoholic. However please inform you doctor about your drinking habits. The amount of alcohol you ingest will cause changes in you liver that will effect medications that you receive, and could result in complications

  3. KellsLG says

    I would'nt say 'alcoholic' but it's definitely not the healthiest thing for your body. Now, if you can't go more than a day or two without it there might be a problem.

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