How can I get a FFL to legally own an AK-47?

Question by dragoneye814: How can I get a FFL to own an AK-47 legally?
I am interested in getting a federal firearms license through the ATF. I am interested in gun collecting and would love to have a AK 47 or an the updated AK74 full auto assault rifle to take to the range. I am not sure how to get the FFL because I am not a firearms dealer.

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Answer by old fuzz
Confused me at first. You do not need a Federal Firearms License unless you are going to become a firearms dealer.

If you want to own a fully automatic weapon, you need a Class III license.

Call the ATF and tell them what you want to buy. They will send you the necessary forms to fill out. Expect to wait awhile for them to do the background investigation. I believe the license will cost you about $ 200.

The last time I looked at the cost of a fully auto weapon, the cheapest I could find was still over $ 5,000.00

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  1. roaddrvr43 says

    Grizzly is correct. You do not need a Class 3 ffl. You must check your state laws. If your state allows ownership of full auto weapons. You will need the permission of the Chief law enforcement officer, police chief or county sheriff. Apply for the ATF form and pay the transfer tax. A class 3Dealer will help you do all of this. One thing you should know. You cannot take the weapon into a state that wont allow ownership. At the time I owned mine,You were required to notify the ATF if you were leaving the state with the weapon.The dealer will have all this info. Then you just have to pay a highly exorbitant price. A HK MP-5 is in the 3500.00 and up range. I have no Idea what an AK will bring. Have you thought of how much it will cost for a one hour stay at the range? I suppose if you can afford the weapon you needn't worry about the price of ammo.

  2. ranb40 says

    Just about everyone answering this question except for Imiam, bobby, bill and grizzly II are WRONG! As he says, you do not need a license or permit to own a machinegun. All you need to have an approved ATF form 4 for the transfer from a licensed dealer.

    If you want to import/deal in/manufacture machine guns, short barreled rifles/shotguns or silencers, then you need to be an FFL and a class 1/2/3 SOT. To own or make one of the above you just need an ATF form 4 or form 1.

    Take a look at <a href="” target=”_blank”> for examples of how expensive machine guns like the AK47 are. Be prepared to spend over $ 10,000 for one that is at least 21 years old. Civilians are not allowed to personally own machine guns that were registered after May 1986.

    The biggest hurdles to owning a machine gun are living in a state that allows them, the price, and obtaining the local sheriff’s signature on the ATF form 4. If the sheriff will not sign, then the simplest route to ownership is to form a trust to own the gun for you. You also send in a $ 200 check, mug shots and fingerprints along with the form 4. You dealer has all of the info.

    If your ATF form 4 is not approved, you will get a refund of the $ 200 tax. The BATFE is not allowed to collect the tax on transfers that are not approved.

    Perhaps a semi-auto AK clone would be more to your liking. You can get a Romanian WASR-3 in 7.62×39 for less than $ 350. It will fit all AK47 parts, and is just as inaccurate as the real thing. :)


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