How can i make a russian head scarf?

Question by little miss moonlight: how can i make a russian head scarf or kerchief?
hi! i just want to know how to make a head scarf typically worn by russian women. it’s called a platok (or incorrectly, a babushka).

i already have the fabric (it’s floral). the only problem i have is that i don’t know its shape when unfolded and the length and width of an average kerchief.

Quick answer:

Answer by sue

I googled for platok and found this picture. and then these on eBay:

I would think you would measure how much scarf you want and cut on the bias of the fabric for the triangle, then cut the rest of it and do whatever fringing and other embellishments you would want.

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  1. Mommiedearest says

    I have one that measures 64X64 and believe the cutting measurements could have been 65X65 to allow for the hems on the ends. This is one measurements but you can make it smaller if you want. It has the rolled hem and hand stitched with a silvery color thread and mine is pink with flowers.

  2. Kacky says

    It's just a big square. You fold it in half diagonally so it becomes a triangle, and then tie two ends on the back, with the third end hanging down. Start with a one-yard by one-yard square and then keep cutting it down until it fits the way you want.

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