How cold does Moscow get in December?

Question by : How cold does Moscow get in December?
On average, what is the average temperature in December?

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Answer by Laín Coubert
The average temperature in Moscow in december is around -5°C.

And it can have a minimum average of -10°C and a maximal average of -3°C

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  1. polynesian says

    Next week we will have -15C -20C, forecast says it starts tomorrow.
    Today it is 0 -2C

    upd. 29th November – it is -14C right now and will be -20C at night.

    I live in Moscow

  2. F T says

    It varies, but -10 isn't uncommon on a clear day. The biggest factor is the wind, which makes it feel colder. I do remember it hitting -30 at night on one occasion.

  3. Superpie says


    In kharkov, the temperature can go as down as -10, so Moscow is waaay colder than that. (note that they DON'T cancel school or work on blizzards, so if it does snow you will have to beat it anyway)

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