November 15, 2014

How cold does Moscow get in December?

Question by : How cold does Moscow get in December?
On average, what is the average temperature in December?

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Answer by Laín Coubert
The average temperature in Moscow in december is around -5°C.

And it can have a minimum average of -10°C and a maximal average of -3°C

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  1. polynesian says:

    Next week we will have -15C -20C, forecast says it starts tomorrow.
    Today it is 0 -2C

    upd. 29th November – it is -14C right now and will be -20C at night.

    I live in Moscow

  2. It varies, but -10 isn't uncommon on a clear day. The biggest factor is the wind, which makes it feel colder. I do remember it hitting -30 at night on one occasion.

  3. Superpie says:


    In kharkov, the temperature can go as down as -10, so Moscow is waaay colder than that. (note that they DON'T cancel school or work on blizzards, so if it does snow you will have to beat it anyway)

  4. wensday says:

    very cold so take warm outfits.

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