How do I send a letter to Russia?

Question by Morganie5: How do I send a letter to Russia from US?
It’s not a big package but simply an envelope with a tiny amount of cash. The cash is not a large amount at all, so I’m not worried about it being lost. I have sent similar letters to people in US by simply putting the recipient address and my address and a stamp on the envelope and putting in my mailbox. Do I do the same for sending to Russia, except that I put the Russian address? If I need to pay extra money or attach extra stamps, how much more? Could someone outline all the details of sending a letter to Russia? Thank you.

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Answer by Brooke
as law of courier, you cant send any cash through courier, you have to send cross chq.

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  1. arsanlupin says

    The link below will explain to you everything you need to use the United States Postal Service to mail something to the Russian Federation. It is broken down by types of mail service – look for 1st class international letter. I could not cut and paste it here – it is too long to fit.

    Write the address in Russia exactly as the instructions tell you. Postage for the 1st ounce of a 1st Class letter is $ 0.98; subsequent ounces are $ 0.84 each.

    It is forbidden by law – both in USA and in Russia – to put currency of any kind in the mail. While some of the other answerers give tips on smuggling currency, and some of them might be effective, I would advise against it. It will not be lost – it will be confiscated. It is possible that the entire mailing will "disappear" – especially if you make it difficult for their customs agency to search the contents.

    If you want to send money to Russia use Western Union.

  2. Mendeleyev says

    Best to use Cyrillic address on outside for the letter. US postal regs require that the bottom line be in English. Example of the Russian format with the US postal reg line at the bottom:

    Russia 127555
    123 Main Street
    Pushkin, Alexander Sergeivich
    Moscow Russia 127555

    the cash goes Western Union.

  3. Laco S says

    I would just take the letter to the post office,let them figure out the correct postage (since it depends on size,weight and thickness of the envelope and of course the destination). If you want to find out the postage yourself then use the USPS's postage price calculator at Just don't forget to include your return address in case you don't put enough postage on the envelope at least it gets returned back to you.

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