How does the Russian Government work today?

Question by Condorman: How does the Russian Government work?
With Putin as Prime Minister and Medvedev as President how does a split executive branch work? Who controls what? How do things get decided?

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  1. says

    I pay 293 a month for tax every year.
    the fule for any gov is money.
    and we the people don’t have any say
    by the head of the gov. acting on it.
    its the same bs no mater what country your in
    like Obama wants to attack the isis. and uncle
    sam says no. while Obama still can act on his own.
    regardless of what the people want. there should
    be a vote from we the people to decide on a war.
    remember nam and water gate

  2. Quizzard says

    As with any government with both positions, the President's powers are largely ceremonial. He doesn't direct the operation of the government, he merely acts somewhat as a figurehead.

    Think of this as analogous to the US: the President does not actually form legislation. He directs the course of the country through acting as the public face of government, but does not actually make things happen in Congress. You can thing of the Prime Minister as the head of Congress. That's not an exact analogy, but it gives a rough idea how it works.

    It's not an uncommon form in the world.

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