How long can you keep a bottle of vodka outside the refrigerator?

Question by spclo23: How long does a bottle of vodka keep outside the refrigerator?
I have had a bottle of vodka in my closet for 4.5 months with no refrigeration. Is it still ok to drink? I have no idea if alcohol needs to be refrigerated! Thanks.
Forgot to mention….I opened it 4 months ago and drank some before I stored it. But the top is on tightly. Is that still ok? It was kinda expensive and I don’t drink often so I’d hate to throw it out…Thanks again guys!

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Answer by miso1cat
It’s fine.

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  1. Roan says

    Vodka will keep well in the bottle irrespective of the fact whether you've opened it, kept it out of the refrigerator and all that stuff…

    neither is it going to age and mature and get better nor is it going to spoil….

    but the best way to store a vodka will be to freeze it.

    All aspects of serving vodka should be bone chilled… that's the way to enjoy it.


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