How long can you keep vodka bottle after opening?

Question by Magnum Opus: How long can you keep vodka after opening the bottle?
If kept in the fridge, for how long does a bottle of vodka stay drinkable after you open it?

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Answer by mary
A long time if you keep the lid on, probably years. You dont have to keep it in the fridge. If it is a good quality vodka and you like it ice cold, keep it in the freezer – the alcohol content means that it will not freeze.

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  1. ihartpills says

    A year or 2, i mean as long there is nothing in, and you didn't drink straight from the bottle, it should last a pretty long time. SEaled bottles can last like 10-15 years, also some of the better whiskeys, scotchs, and tequlia's are aged for 5-10 years before even bottled.

  2. Daaan says

    ageeeeeeeeeeeeees and ageeeeeeeeeeees
    i found a bottle of vodka i got 3 years ago and drunk it before going out last night :P

  3. Sam84 says

    It will keep indefinitely, unless you don't have it tightly sealed. Then the alcohol *might* slowly evaporate (we're talking months or years for that to happen!) But if sealed, and especially in the fridge or freezer, it won't go "bad." Bacteria and little critters like that can't live in high concentrations of alcohol, so vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin and so on will keep a really long time!

    Now, if you're storing liquor LONG TERM in a lead crystal decanter or similar container, it will leach lead from the glass and increase the risk of lead poisoning, but I assume you mean the original bottle.

    On the other hand, a "liqueur" such as Irish cream, schnapps, amaretto, etc. CAN go bad because the syrups, creams and sugar will crystalize or settle to the bottom. Probably not toxic in any way, but just not good for drinking.


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