How many people died and were injured in the Russian Revolution?

Question by roseliv41: How many people died and how many people were injured in the Russian Revolution?
I would like to see if anyone could tell me how many people died in the Russian Revolution? And even if you might know how many people were injured? I would like to know as soon as possible? Thx, roseliv41

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Answer by Aussie_Icon
Records of the time were poor and there was no such thing as census so it is speculated the losses could be as high as 2 million, there are no records or numbers of wounded.

This is made more difficult in that the revolution happened while Russia was fighting in WW1 at the same time so records become more confused

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  1. Bigredan says

    Surprisingly very few. The storming of the Winter Palace – the event that put the Bolsheviks in power was remarkably bloodless. During the following civil war many hundreds of thousands did die.

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