How much vodka does it take to get drunk?

Question by xostephlynn: vodka…..?
do people usually do shots of vodka.

and how much vodka does it take to get drunk
could three shots get you drunk?

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Answer by Elise
I always fill a whiskey glass half full of it, that buzzes me for like ten minutes, then I do about one and a half more. But then again, I am really tall, so it takes a lot for me to keep a buzz. Go slow at first. You could get really sick if you don’t.

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  1. StockJock says

    Most people use Vodka as a base for other drinks. Good vodka will not have much of a taste on its own. But Lemon Drops are one of my favorite shots.

    1 shot vodka (Absolut Citron) 1 Lemon slice with sugar. Shoot vodka, then suck on lemon. Mmmm.

    The colder the vodka is the better it tastes – that's why I keep a bottle of in the freezer.

  2. deftonesrocka says

    vodka goes down smooth. make sure it is chilled but not in the freezer. putting vodka in the freezer makes it thicker almost syrupy., even the good stuff. how much you need to get wasted depends on your weight and tolerance to it.

  3. westbaxter says

    well it sounds like your not used to drinking so you could get typsy
    im not into shots unless they add some stuff to it like some roses lime syrop or something….

  4. chris o says

    i love vodka and the way it makes me feel… take a shot bite a slice of lime FANTASTIC

    binge drinking is cool

  5. vaughgeran says

    People who wish to do shots will drink almost anything. I don't recommend it. Drinking shots can be a prelude to what is commonly known as "binge drinking", which claims the lives of many people yearly. Those who are lucky enough to escape death by binging are much more likely to be involved in accidents (fires, car crashes, etc.) which may impact the lives of others.

    Alcohol can be a dangerous thing when not used responsibly. Please take these things under advisement before making a decision to drink.

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