How much would it cost to travel to Saint Petersburg Russia?

Question by CHRISTINA: How much would it cost to travel to St. Petersburg Russia?
Not planning a trip anytime soon, just super curious. And if it helps, I live in TX

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Answer by Ohio
My girlfriend and husband visited St. Petersburg last year with an american tour company (TUC) they also visited Helsinki and Moskau. The trip was first class, 5* hotels etc. – cost very expensive. It was their best ever.

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  1. iceman says


    Airfare about $ 1800usd from U.S. $ 900usd from Europe
    Rooms w/breakfast $ 200usd a night
    Excursions/Museums. $ 50usd per day per person
    Food, $ 60usd per day per person
    Nightlife, $ 100usd per day per person
    Taxis $ 10 per one way trip

    This is about right for a comfortable trip, if you prefer spending more it will be more than welcome

  2. Kalistrat says

    Depending on the season, your roundtrip fare will be anywhere from $ 700 to $ 2000. As for accommodations, it also depends where you stay, etc. Costs are comparable to the costs in the U.K.

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