How to find out if an AK-47 is real Russian made?

Question by Salamander: How can one find out if an AK-47 is real Russian made?
If the weapon has no distinguishing serial numbers, marks, or anything else printed or engraved in it. Size and weight wise it looks the same as one made in China or in another country.

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Answer by SW
If it has no serial number printed on it then it’s likely to be a stolen/illegal weapon that’s had the serial number filed off it so it can’t be traced. Probably no real way of telling where it’s from

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  1. Marine Vet says

    the russian AKs are made of a denser allow then the rest, that and if you look at the indenture on the side of the reciever, it will be different in length and width then others, honestly, i cant remember how big it is supposed to be but its different in size. Russian AKs are far better then other AKs out there.

  2. Richard_SM says

    Just look over the Guarantee form. Did it have a product registration form? Some product registration forms entitle you to a prize draw – just carefully turn over the form and check out the address.

  3. El Luchador Mongolai says

    Easy, Russian made AK-47 are made of denser steel alloy with a chrome plated inside and hence more resistant to heavy usage.

    You fire 4 full clips of AK-47 with each carrying 30 bullets (so a total of 120 bullets) one after the other. Then you immediately dip the barrel of the weapon in a bucket containing tap water (10-12 degrees Celsius).

    If the barrel bends in any way, it is NOT Russian made.

  4. popcorn1 says

    there are many methods but the best method is wrapping the BUTT with toilet paper. then urinate on the wrapped portion. you dont have to soak the entire wrapped portion but just enough. wait for the toilet paper to dry. you can speed up the drying process obviously by leaving it in the sun however it might cause inaccurate results. once the toilet paper has dried, unwrap it and check for any yellow stains. if there are, then it is russian made. know that this is just one of the many methods out there.

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