How to make vodka soaked cherries?

Question by tjmoore83102: Does anyone know how to make vodka soaked cherries?
Do you just mix the vodka and cherries or is there more to it than that? How long do they have to mix? Also I’ve heard of vodka chocolate infused cherries, anyone know how to make those.

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Answer by Jessi
cherry bombs…soak for 24 hrs in vodka
olive bombs…soak for 24 hrs in jack daniels

never heard of the chocolate cherries

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  1. Genny says

    You can make Cordial!
    I have used cranberries but you can use cherries, or raspberries !
    Get a bottle of Vodka and 1/2 sugar mix this together in a pot ,warm it up a bit then add your berries in the bottle and pour the vodka on top ,seal the bottle and it should be ready for Christmas to serve , you can use the cherries or berries to decorate drinks desserts or as they are ,plus you will have a very nice Cordial glass to serve your guests after dinner. I made a bottle in 1999 and took the berres out and kept them in a jar that I use when I make muffins or cakes and I have some still in the bottle since 2000 and the cranberries are still looking good in there, I had one with the raspberries but those need to be strained from the vodka because they are a softer berry,but the taste is wonderful! Try them all if you can!

    And if you have any question feel free to email me!

    I know that you can coat cherries with chocolate if that's what you mean!

  2. ngj1225 says

    Just empty bottle of cherries with juice into glass bowl and cover with vodka. Store in refrigerator for up to a week. Every Christmas, I soak cherries in Bacardi's 151 rum and then use the cherries to make chocolate covered cherries! I use the left over rum/cherry juice to make cherry Cokes!

  3. Baby242 says

    I usually let these soak about a month. While I've done vodka cherries, I prefer to make SoCo ones. They're also good w/ Cuervo.

    Drain cherries. Put them in a large lidded jar. Add alcohol to cover. Close jar, put in fridge. These tend to be a holiday thing for my friends and family–we start them after Thanksgiving and enjoy them for Christmas and New Years.

    Enjoy, but as another person pointed out, be careful. I am by no means a "lightweight," but these really pack a punch.

  4. Melissa R says

    – get some cherries, get some vodka
    – pour some vodka into a cup, put the cherries into a cup
    – let them marinade overnight

  5. Your Future Mrs. Cob says

    You just soak the cherries in vodka. Most people I know that have done this leave them in for a very long time (like months) 1 cherry and you're pretty well messed up.

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