April 19, 2014

How to pronounce Prokofiev?

Question by Roxasbhk: How do you pronounce Prokofiev?
I was wondering how you say Sergei prokofiev’s last name… Prokofiev.

It’s very strange looking and I can’t figure out for the life of me!

Quick answer:

Answer by trop...@sbcglobal.net
Without being there to tell you myself here is the closest approximation I can give: pro-KOF-ee-YEV.

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  1. Dios es amor says:

    I know it is strange, but it is not really so difficult.
    In Russian, the final V sounds like a FFF. That's why, some time ago, these names were spelt in the Latin alphabet as

  2. yuliyasa2003 says:

    here it is


    good luck

  3. Pro cough FEE ev.

  4. yahoohoo says:


    Two other acceptable ways are


  5. bryan_q says:

    pronounce it the way it's spelt.

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