How would you pronounce eugene onegin?

Question by jhlk: how do you pronounce eugene onegin?

Quick answer:

Answer by Niko Bellic *said with a ch*
Yoo-jean On-egg-in

or the right way in the original

ev-gen-iy On-egg-in

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  1. Mikhail says

    In Russian, the play is titled "Евгений Онегин". This is pronounced "Yevgeniy Onegin". The English translation of Yevgeniy, Eugene, is pronounced exactly as it normally would be pronounced in English, while Onegin is pronounced as it would be pronounced in Russian.

    The stress is placed on the "e" in Onegin leading it to be pronounced something like "O-nay-gin". The "g" is pronounced like the g in "garden" rather than the g in "Egypt".

    Edit: "evgeniy" is an incorrect transliteration for the Russian. In the initial position, the Cyrillic letter "e" makes a "ye" sound. "Evgeniy" would be spelled "Эвгений".

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