If America and Russia went to war who would likely win?

Question by Mr. Cherry: If America and Russia went to war who would most likely win?
America is the most powerful nation, but the third largest country.

Russia is the second most powerful nation ,but the largest country.

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Answer by DeMann Seungyong
america. duh ! kinda obvious. its the greatest country in the world right now, in terms of development and power.

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  1. david says

    yes america is a young nation, but to say it has no history is crazy.america has more history in the last 200 years than russia has in the last 500.and whoever said russia has a stronger army is even more crazy we have the best aircraft carrier's the best jets and our army is all over the world at all times, including in russia waters. anyways just because russia has nukes dosnt mean they are smart enough to use them, we would probly shoot most of them down and russia would not be on the map to see if theres hit the targets or not.america would have more to worry from china than russia, but the chinees would be deterd after seeing russia disapear. we won the arms race and we would also win the production race, you can say america is on a decline and broker.but america is sitting on over 800 tons of gold in reserves id say that is a enough to keep the war mahine going.but if you russians have tell yourselfs your stronger so you can sleep better well thats fine with us but just remember when the dragon awakes the whole world will know the truth. search the strongest ilitary force in the world usa will come up every time

  2. Billythebutcher27 says

    Well Russia got there asses kicked in afghanistan and

    Just left like a beaten dog not to mention their leadership

    Sucks and could better be preformed by a chink more so

    If you ask me us Americans have far more combat

    Experience. Thus making us superior to war . Also for

    Every nuke the russians have we have 50 the bigger better

    Hydrogen bomb which is cheaper . And not to mention our

    Long range bombers can circle the globe twice and those are

    The shity ones so Russia can suck it

  3. Ingmar Bueb says

    the us has lost wars against native indians,vietnam,korea,irak (in irak you see now that there is absolutely no difference before and after the occupation,the americans had no impact or control,they were sitting in their compounds and rarely left)and will lose in afghanistan.as a german i might add that we only sent our worst troops against them(handicapped,stomachsick,boyscouts..etc.)germans were happy to go into american captivity instead of fighting russians ,they pretty much walked through with little resistance,it was clear by then that we would lose.the only time they had contact with real german troops and that despite having no gas or munition the americans looked very weak( in the ardennes).i do not believe that the us troops are especially good or superior.the strength of the usa is strongly overstated(for example the talk about an empire,what empire????those bases are there because they pay money or are wanted by souvereign governments).the usa is in steep decline in 10 years china will be nr.1 for a long long time.usa will have held this title for only 30 years by 2022.russia is becoming stronger by the day while europe except germany is for long in decline.other nations will overtake france and england in this century:india,brazil,indonesia,pakistan,mexico,turkey,egypt,iran and nigeria.no nation has ever been as dominant than china will be since alexander the great.

    • Liam pingree says

      Your stupid we are still fighting in iraq and when have the americans lost to the native americans? we won against them dumbass it was called king phillips war. And im pretty sure germany didnt send boyscouts to afganistan. Think about it during our revolutionary war a new country broke away from the biggest and best millitary the world had ever seen and we have only gotten better! Our millitary could kick any other country’s ass. How do i know this both of my parents are in the U.S army. My mom was airborne and my dad is a medic. America has emerged from nothing to the best nation on this earth

  4. Ingmar Bueb says

    it would be a nuclear war of course most likely china/russia against nato without a few countries like turky. but let's just say usa against russia .russia has more nukes is twice as big and has 3 times less people.all cities would be gone ,it comes down to the country folks.they are hard to hit the russians in this case 6 times harder ,fewer people,more space plus more nukes,would leave 50 million us people against 35 million russians.it would get cold and hard to survive,it would come down to the toughness and i say russians are used to hardship while americans are pempered.i'd say russia would win and occupy alaska.

  5. Anarxat says

    Greetings from Russia! Topic is interesting, but here people have written seems unwise =) well, except for a few … Well, if there is a war that no nuclear, as both we and you are well aware of what will happen =) at war with the use of conventional weapons have equal chances, if the war without allies. Your will connect all come to love NATO, we already do not have a particularly strong allies, but our close neighbors, China can not fail to Barge into this war. Since we have with China pretty good relationship, unlike you, most likely China will side with Russia. As a result, we get two armies, one well-organized and modern types of weapons (Army of Russia) and the largest army in the world (Chinese army). Without nuclear weapons, you do not win, you dare not likely but if you inflict a nuclear strike … A good supply of ammunition of nuclear weapons is like Russia and China, but China is bad with the means of delivery, but with the use of our delivery vehicles, we just vyzhgem the whole territory of the United States, well, except for some regions rich in oil and other minerals, all so far! And you know, Russia has never been weak, just sometimes were strong opponents of it =)

  6. arcticayla says

    The Bible says that the Bear will not overcome the Eagle.

    What country is the Bear? – Russia
    and which is the Eagle? – America

    Check it out, it is in the book of Revelations, the last book in the Bible. But be aware, it is the hardest book to understand. You can take my word for it…or look it up. It's a wonder that they wrote this…..centries ago…isn't it?

    So by this, I would think that something/someone is protecting the USA from Russia.


    • Shane Long says

      Where specifically in the Bible does it talk bout the Bear fightin the Eagle? Or the Bear not overcomin the EaglE?

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