Investing in the Russian rouble is a good idea?

Question by Lux: Do you think investing in the Russian ruble is a good idea?
I was planning to invest about $ 500 in the Russian ruble. Not through forex, but to actually have the tangible cash in my safe. This would be almost 15,000 rubles.

In two years time, do you think I will have made money?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer by marshmallow
Not unless its gold or silver…

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  1. IncomeInvestor says

    You leave out some pertinent facts. Where do you live? Are you located near the Russian border, so you can acquire and sell the currency at minimal expense? If you get this from a currency dealer, you will pay a very high markup. In the United States, banks and currency exchange desks at airports charge exorbitant fees and use rip-off exchange rates. You'll be far behind from the get-go. When you sell, you'll be hit hard in the other direction, unless you live close enough to Russia to go there and spend the money easily. So even if the ruble goes up, it must go up enough to overcome the expenses you incur.

    This is a major gamble, with little prospect of an after-expense profit. Especially a profit larger than what you would have made had you simply placed the $ 500 into a money market fund.

  2. Inspirational_Invest says

    Investing in russian ruble may be a good idea but it is highly speculative and risky as currencies are always fluctuating. In terms of making some money in two years time I think you have a long time frame and a far better way to make money would be value investing in value stock investing. Also as mentioned above investing in Gold and Silver is a very good investment in the current climate and over the last ten years 18% year on year return has been achieved. Please read the links to invesing in gold and silver investing below. The information is free and invaluble.

    Oracle coal fields seems to be a good investment to make with a 2 year view as it is looking to seek a listing on the london stock exchange in the near future, which could be very reqarding for all investors on board.

    The final link below will open you up to many investing links which you will find help you to evaluate what you wish to invest in and where you can make the most amount of money for free online investing or offline depending on what you decide to invest in.

  3. areelitaha joahlansk says

    Do you think investing in the Russian ruble is a good idea? ok its up to you to decide by the way i dont know about the Russian rumble company may be but i know one company that would give you high percentage of winning in business and financial level that would offers you success never the less it is forex try it out you will feel the difference

  4. AlNash says

    Nobody can tell this for sure, even the Russians themselves…
    It depends mainly on price of oil and natural gas: if it go up again — you'll gain, if not — you'll lose. And if the Fed hikes the rate (and it will, sooner or later), dollar will probably go up and ruble down. Anyhow this "investment" looks a lot more like an extremely risky speculation.

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