Is it possible to convert my semi auto ak47 rifle to fully automatic?

Question by KING OF KINGS: Would it be possible to convert my semi auto ak47 rifle to fully automatic?

and how could I make this conversion?

Quick answer:

Answer by Theoneandonly
I wouldn’t be asking this question on yahoo answers if I were you but yes it is possible.

brb, FBI

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  1. airbourne305 says

    depends on where u live. u can do it but its not to smart i rather have it semi. u waste to much ammo and it would cost alot

  2. Judge says

    yes you can but do you really wanna risk it?
    i mean if you do it yeah you will have a fully auto gun but if you get caught you will be dealing with bubba telling you to c0ck his gun for him.

    not worth it pal

  3. the long shot says

    Yes you can and then you will go to jail. Best not to be asking these questions. Stay away from sights that show you how. Some are tracked by the authorities. I knew a guy who accidentally made a M14 automatic by messing up the trigger mechanism by lightening the pull. Not a pretty sight and not recommended.

    • Gary Spears says

      It’s not illegal to read about how an atom bomb is made. It’s an interesting part of American history and science. It’s illegal to posses a fully auto not the knowledge used in making one. It’s sad when pussy Americans start monitoring there speech for fear of big brother knocking down the door based merely on there curiosity and some internet searches. You my friend are a pussy.

  4. akluis says

    step #1 is contact the ATF and get all the paperwork and tax forms for becoming a FFL Type 7

    Type 7 Title 1 manufacturer of firearms, who can also act as dealer, other than Destructive Devices, ammunition and ammunition components other than Armor Piercing ammunition. Can also manufacturer & deal in Title II NFA firearms with class 2 tax stamp.

    then you get yourself your SOT tax stamp

    and then you can 'manufacture' one to be used as a sales demo by converting an AK

  5. ishootbirds2 says

    yes and no, some AK rifles are made specifically for semiautomatic fire and cannot be converted to select fire function. Others can be converted to fire semi and full auto.

    if your rifle came with a faulty sear it is a possible to have the rifle fire full auto all the time (which isn't select fire and the gun isn't safe to use) by slam firing every round chambered.

    Most regular military AK rifles converted to comply with USA laws can be converted back to select fire mode or full auto only. This is highly illegal and cannot be done without a very special and rare bit of paper from the US government. If you wish to have a select-fire capable AK47 rifle either buy it legally (about $ 25k) or rally enough people to force the 1986 gun control act to be repealed.

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