Is Russia going to start a war with america?

Question by Johnnysaks: Is Russia going to start a war with america? Because of us aiding georgians. I have a feeling that Russia left the battlezone of Georgia and is now at the borders to bring in more troops and reinforcements but is making people think they are really leaving? how do you feel about this. Do you think the U.S. is going to let Russia get a way with what they did?

First Answer: Answer by Ashira Well, I wouldn’t be surprised. As the US is going through kind of a rough time. Not to mention we have troops in a lot of different countries. But, I hope to god not. Because we can’t forget that we both have nuclear bombs…

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    • Tj says

      I think nothing is going to happen other then sanctions Obama is a puss and will not do anything just take money away from Russia untill Russia gets tired of it and we get are ass kicked Russia is to big and just dont care.

  1. Dmitry. says

    because of what they did. All I have to say, Russia didn’t do nothing and Georgia is the one who started it. US trained Georgians, in the matter of fact, I can find you video with American killed troops in Georgia. You can clearly see ID’s and where they are from. First leave your dumb ass country and see how you getting brain washed there. Oh, and if the war starts, you better be ready..not with weapons, but with your soul and heart, because you lack of these simple but major things.

    Russians don’t start wars…we end them!

    • James says

      Thats right! You guys end wars. Like the war in Afghanistan great job there. Yeah so what a couple of our CIA agents help the Afghan’s out. Just goes to show you that we do not need our military to win a war against OLD MOTHER RUSSIA.

    • Jakob says

      Russia is better then the US they were the first to promote equality and to show that people could be shown as equals while the US has always supported Inequality. Down with capitalism, up with socialism!!!

    • Chris says

      End them like in Afghanistan? one-hundred United States spec-ops soldiers did what the entire Russian Army couldn’t do in Afghanistan

    • Gid says

      Russia has won ONE war ever.
      Every other war it has fought in, russia has lost. Hell and the single war russia won it wasnt even just russia, it was the USSR.
      I think you need to check your own history, pal.

    • rew says

      If the( U.SofA
      …………………A country who’s eternal beings know there’s only one God and in God we trust in you fools lack the fact Jesus Christ died on the the cross for your sins red and yellow black and White we are all precious in his site Jesus loves all the people of the world get right I’m an American love America and you Russians also god bless the world.AMEN

  2. riad says

    Soviet Mother Russia will win.Have you seen how big it is.They won all that land in war.U.S fought for land,but Russia 2 times as big.It does not matter Russia will win.They live for war the pointed missles at U.S they are not afraid to do it again.I am not going to lie U.S is strong but Russia is stronger. Russia has been in world as long as Russia on this Earth. the U.S is only about 300 years old. Russia goes back to 10,000 years ago

  3. Lola says

    You are sick in the head Ms Yaya! What are you Satanism religion? You worship Satan? USA hates all wars! We all want wars to stop! Same as other Western countries want all wars to stop! Why you listen to your Media? It's all lies overseas also! SO WAKE UP!

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