Is there any chance that Russia could reinstate its Monarchy?

Question by Mr. Atoz: Do you think there’s any chance that Russia could reinstate its Monarchy?
Could you see this happening?

I have heard that the Orthodox Church would like it to happen.

Quick answers:

Answer by Lili
The Russian Orthodox Church probably WOULD like it, but I’d say that the chances are nil.

Russia hasn’t even managed to establish a democratic republic yet. The very last thing it needs is a monarchy. It wouldn’t know what to do with a constitutional monarchy, which is the only kind it could possibly have in this day and age. And such a monarchy would be totally irrelevant to Russia’s needs and problems.

Answer by Andy F
Anyone with a claim to the throne of Russia would be mad to accept it considering what the Russians did to the last Tsar of Russia and his family

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  1. TLJ110166 says

    If Russia ever did go back to a Monarchy, I know of at least one descendent of Alexander I of Russia, who is living, and has children. I’m not naming names, so don’t ask, but it isn’t me.

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