The difference between an ak47 and Dragunov?

Question by some guy on the internet: what is the difference between an ak47 and Dragunov?
if its basically the same thing then how come dragunov is a sniper and ak is not?

Quick answer:

Answer by Kush Slayer
dragunov shoots the 7.62x54r round, ak47 shoots the 7.62x39mm round

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  1. Reb says

    aside from being chambered for different rounds and the draganov being a semi automatic rifle designed to be a sniper rifle and the AK being designed as a automatic rifle and designed to fire every time you pull the trigger nothing really.


    No, they are not the same. The AK-47 shoots 7.62 x 39mm rounds and the Dragunov shoots the 7.62 x 54mm round which is much bigger than the AK-47 round.

  3. falcon5nz says

    I think a SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova) while being called a sniper's rifle is actually more of a Designated Marksman's Rifle. Meaning its for "field" sniping. The difference between a Designated Marksman and a Sniper is that the user is not laid up in one spot, they are moving with the squad. It just increases the squads range. The SVD has a longer barrel, is chambered for the 7.62×54R cartridge rather than the 7.62×39 that the AK is chambered for (sure you've fired both Eric?), only has a 10 round mag. The main similarity's are cosmetic I believe.

  4. Hangfire says

    Dragunov = 7.62X54r, heavy barrel, single stack magazine, semi-automatic only.

    AK47 = 7.62X39, light barrel, double stack magazine, semi-auto with originals having a select fire switch.

  5. Eric says

    they both fire the same 7.62 round but the barrel construction is different. the dragunov is obviously longer. also the ak47 can fire automatic which the dragunov cannot. finally the dragunov is WAY more accurate. trust me ive shot both

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