Was Josef Stalin bisexual?

Question by : Was Stalin bisexual???????????????????????
I once heard a rumor Stalin had relationships with both men and women. His closest friend Beria was a known rapist and pedophile. Is there any truth in the rumors or is it just Cold War-era American propaganda?
That’s not true. Oscar Wilde was bisexual, as was Winston Churchill. Homosexuality was illegal in Europe but some men did it in secret (including Adolf Hitler)

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Answer by Tugger
I don’t think there were any bisexual people around that long ago.

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  1. Spellbound says

    Absolutely not. He was a womaniser as a young man, having many affairs and fathering at least four children – 3 legitimate and one illegitimate, and there are stories of several more.
    Homosexuality was outlawed in the Soviet Union in 1933, by Stalin.

    Interestingly the Beria stories about him being a sexual predator (there are NO stories about him being a paedophile) are also, probably, Cold War propaganda, but they come from Khrushchev and the Soviet Union, not the USA. This is because Beria represented a real threat to Khrushchev's rule, and he needed to to remove him and discredit him. Beria's son, Sergo, wrote a fascinating account of his father's life, and claims that Beria would have been a reformer and Westerniser – Beria was never in the Communist Party, and he may have worked as a British Agent. However, Sergo Beria may have been trying to paper of the worst excesses of his father's behaviour.

    My Father – Sergo Beria
    Stalin, A Biography by Robert Service
    Young Stalin, Simon Sebag Montefiore

  2. JosF says

    Does it really matter? Politically he screwed everyone. So why not sexually as well?

    About 10% of the human race is gay. Another 10% is at least bisexual. Probably a lot more, if I were to use my personal experiences. The remainder is straight. So what?

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