Was there ever a russian assassination plot to kill joseph stalin?

Question by Danny: Was there ever a russian assassination plot to kill stalin?
i am doing a research paper in class and was wondering if there was any russian attempts to assassinate their leader (joseph stalin)? please help!

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Answer by Linda
It was very unlikely.
All his suborts were doing well financially under him.
They pretty much had a finger on the pulse of things.
He was hard to get at by the general public.
What say you?

Why thumbs down? There was not an attempt by the Russians. The Germans…yes. : (

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  1. imperialpoetpurple says

    I believe it was contemplated at various times, but one will likely never know the actual extent and details of it. Stalin was certainly concerned about it – and he was hypervigilant in trying to ferret out real and imagined and fabricated conspiracies.

    When Germany invaded and the news was presented to Stalin, I've read that Stalin was then scared he was about to be put under house arrest. In 1952/53 there was the infamous 'Doctors Plot' fabricated by Stalin against physicians<mostly jewish physicians accused of being nationalists allied to the USA and Israel>who Stalin accused of plotting to kill top Soviet leaders, including himself. Stalin died before the crackdown/purge was carried out to its full extent.

    Interestingly, there are quite a few folks who believe that Stalin might have been poisoned, but one will likely never know. If he was – nobody's talked about it and they covered their tracks. The top leadership was scared that Stalin was crazier than ever – and was about to start a new round of purges and show trials. He could certainly have been poisoned for it, but there's unfortunately no solid evidence. He was quite old and had significant cardiovascular problems when he died.

    A lot of people certainly wanted him killed! I'm sure it was contemplated, but ol'Stalin kept himself surrounded with multiple layers of security and lackey henchmen… He was a tough goon to catch.
    Soon after his death, his top henchman Beria – who expected to step into the shoes left by Stalin – was accused of rape<and he was guilty>and Kruchev heroically ordered his arrest and had him shot dead. Beria was a bigger monster than Stalin. The point – is that a lot of folks, including Kruschev –
    hated Stalin, and rightly so…and they most certainly thought about killing Stalin.

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