What are Russian words for grandma and grandpa?

Question by Veronica[HappilyNeverAfter]: Russian words for grandma and grandpa?
i have heard babushka for grandmother and dédülya for grandfather, but i was looking for something more endearing. like in spanish, grandfather is abuelo but my grandfathers were Papa Leo and Pa Benja. and my grandmothers were Ma Candi and Mi Fina(my fina[short for josephine]).
sorry, i get sidetracked. :] back to my question, are there any ‘cute/endearing’ name for grandpa and grandma in russian?
i was also wondering, seeing how their really is only a few forms on how to say grandma and granpa, would popop be acceptable for grandpa? Babu for grandma? i just want to make sure they don’t mean something offensive.

Quick answer:

Answer by kotulenka
Not really. Babushka and dedushka are pretty much the only ones used. Everybody, of course, can embroider on those.

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  1. Lekha says

    grandfather – ded
    granpa – dEdushka, dEda
    grandmother – bAbushka (bAbka – grossly, familiarly)
    granma – bAbushka, babUlya

  2. ellakolesnikova says

    бабушка(бабуля),бабуленька, — ба…(Báh)

    дедушка(дедуля),дедуленька, — дед (Déd)

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