What are the bad things that Joseph Stalin did?

Question by Qudz: What are the bad things that Stalin did?
What are some of the bad things that Joseph Stalin did that made him such a bad person? Please explain as well as possible. Thanks.

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Answer by Warren S
“One of the bloodiest despots in modern history, Joseph Stalin helped transform the Soviet Union into a military and industrial superpower, but at a staggering cost in human lives and suffering. In the words of scholar Stephen Cohen, Stalin’s rule was a “holocaust by terror” that “victimized tens of millions of people for twenty-five years.”

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  1. Douglas L says

    1. Killed 20 million Russians before WW2.
    2. Used up Russian solders like other armies used up machine gun bullets. He threw away the lives of millions of his solders.
    3. Before WW2 he has most of the military officers in the armed forces killed.
    4. He had Trotsky murdered.
    5. He handled the direction of the military in WW2 very badly especially in 1941 and 1942.

  2. darren m says

    He did not do anything bad what he did was defend Leningrad against the Nazis who were machine gunning jews and gypsies.

    Stalin was a military commander and was not in charge after the war.

    Under the system of Communism of communal property the citizens owned everything it was not possible for him to do anything to them.

    There is an issue of Censor ship and propaganda here.

    • 88 HACKINKREUZ says

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