What are the negative side effects of Vodka?

Question by ejbj8387: What are the negative side effects of Vodka in particular?
My husband’s personality has undergone a distinct change for the worse and it was about the time he started drinking Vodka in large amounts. He has always drank but this is just different and I have to wonder if there is any correlation.

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Answer by cubsfan5289
If he only drank beer he probably never got as drunk as he did with the Vodka so there is probably a correlation between your husbands change in drink and his change in personality, or there is something else going on that you two need to discuss

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  1. snowbirdy says

    Well your husband if he drinks any kind of alcohol too much
    he will react differently to any question you put to him because his mind will be impaired you should try and speak to him when he is sober because he's not only damaging
    his own health he is damaging your health as well I am so
    sorry but drinking any kind of acohol too much is just plain crazy. Just hopes this helps

  2. penguino8165 says

    There can be a correlation between the hard liquor and personality changes. It's a scary thing, some times. I know people who can drink just about anything and be fine, but give them whiskey…. look out. They become really mean, really fast.

    With me, if I'm in a good mood when I start drinking, I just get sillier and stay in a really good mood. If I'm already upset, it just gets worse, and I say and do things that I'm usually sorry for, when I sober up.

    You may want to try and talk to him about the vodka, when he's sober. Let him know that you're concerned about him and want only the best for him. If he gets upset over it, you'll need help in getting *him* help.

    Good luck.

  3. Mr_Biggelsworth says

    is wild, unprotected sex a negative side effect?

    ive heard that sugary alcohols give you a "fun drunk" and beer gets you either angry or silly, i dont believe that. all alcohol gets you drunk, none have special side effects unique from others.

  4. Sauce Monster says

    Some people react differently to different spirits. I don't know why but it happens.
    You might want to suggest that he change his drink of choice to something with a less volatile effect. (When he's sober, that is…).

  5. jimmy d. says

    Because Vodka can't be smelled on somones breath as readily, drinkers think they can get away with drinking it most anytime, which leads to missuse.

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