What can the United States do?

Question by Filipino Fury: What can the United States do against the onslaught of Mother Russia?
USA is a hypocrite for criticizing Mother Russia. USA invaded two countries: Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq didn’t have WMDs as was previously claimed by the Bush administration. Afghanistan had some credit with the Taliban hosting Al-Qaeda. But the United States is in no position to criticize another superpower because it has a hypocritical foreign policy. Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela are combining forces to counter the hyperpower USA. What credibility is left with the United States of America?

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Answer by sk2
none left.

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  1. Digby says

    International politics will rumble on and on. There cannot be a major war owing to nuclear weapons. Everyone will just carry on sabre rattling. I do fear for the US if Obama gets in. UK citizen.

  2. Mister2-15-2 says

    There were terrorist from Georgia killing Russians for years, so think they had much more right to invade than we did. In early days of Afghanistan one six foot man was in gun sights of pilot less aircraft and Bush didn't pull the trigger. Pull troops out and go after him and training camps covertly. Why let same thing happen to us that happened to Russia.
    Interesting idea including Venezuela, and it is logical others would join together. Think they have a right to nationalize heir oil, and in time pay off companies that helped them to develop it.

  3. Running-On-Empty says

    By the tone of your question, you obviously have a "beef" with the US. In reality, US will continue to be a superpower for sometime to come, given her military and financial might (although both are being tested as we speak).

    The truth in this sad world is that each country is selfish, and will try to implement actions and policies that promote her self interest. This is true for Russia, China, and US.

  4. Nick Z says

    International relations are never about equality. It's all about who your friends are and how strong you are all together.

    USA does whatever it does because it is strong and powerful enough to do that. It has been like that during colonial days, when Spain took over the Philippines, then USA took Philippines from Spain, then Japan took Philippines from USA, and finally USA took Philippines back from Japan. And it still is like that now.

    Whoever is stronger and whoever has more friends is the one who orders others around for his own advantage and for that of his friends. That's how it has always been. And that's probably how it will be in the future. Although there is no guarantee that USA and its allies will remain the strongest and the most numerous forever.

  5. iraqidesertmp says

    Mother who???? if russia your mother? What are you Fidel Castro cousin? you forgot to mention Cuba and the others mmm I think you are out of your mind. I am an American soldier I will tell you one thing.
    BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!

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