What factors led to the rise of Communism in Russia?

Question by Kryptomi: What factors led to the rise of Communism in Russia and China?
What factors led to the rise of Communism in Russia and China?

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Answer by SDD
A takeover of the government by a gang of thugs.

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  1. Vash says

    Corruption of the previous governments.
    Terrible condition under capitalist factory owners, etc. (don't fool yourselves. About 100 years ago, no factory has good conditions. And workers were treated like pigs. That's why unions were formed to fight them)

    Russian empire was also sending millions people to die during WWI before communists took over who ordered immediate ceasefire.

    China was under Jiang Kai Shek who ordered massacred of ordinary people who were simply registered with communist party. Note that China's communist party and Jiang Kai Shek's KMT were both in the government of Republic of China as the two major political parties when Dr. Sun Yen Shen was still the president.
    Jiang also ordered repeatedly retreat of his troops without a fight at the beginning of Japanese invasion during WWII, while he still order his troops to finish of communists.

    His government was so corrupted that later (1945~`1949) many of his troops switched sides to join communists during the final civil war.

    Both countries had much worse conditions for ordinary people before communists took over.

    P.S. Ignorant brainwashed people say "ignorance" and other crap without explanations of facts. Because they were taught to hate communism as soon as they learned to say "mama"…by the capitalists owned mass media, and corporate run government.

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