What fish eggs are caviar from?

Question by $ $ $ $ : is caviar overpriced? what does it taste like? what fish eggs are they from?
what fish lays the eggs fir caviar? my friends say its monkfish…but they are not that clever…

Quick answer:

Answer by white gravy
sturgeon is the traditional fish

but it can be salmon as well or other fish.

it tastes extremely salty as well as the lil eggs pop in your mouth a definite acquired taste.

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  1. Robert says

    True caviar is from the sturgeon it is pricey due to the fact that sturgeon is becoming more and more hard to get. Some other fish roe (eggs) used are from whitefish, salmon and trout but probably not monkfish. Fish roe (eggs/caviar) is salty, the larger the roe the saltier it tastes.

  2. Mike L says

    Overpriced… NO… not considering the wages people in our cities make +100k.. remember lobster is up around $ 8 – 10 #
    Then consider the limited harvest time.
    Strict Fish and Game laws licensing and wholesale auction bidders…too many middlemen..
    Caviar is from Salmon ..I do know many other fish eggs are collected BUT ??? their names ??

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