What foods do they eat in russia?

Question by TC: What foods do they have in russia?
what foods do they eat in russia? Now?and back about 40 years ago if you no?

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Potatoes Steamed
Potatoes Boiled
Potatoes Mashed
Potatoes Baked
Potatoes Charred

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  1. Brandi C says

    I have been to Russia, the food is very similar to ours, considering America is THE melting pot of the world we generally have similar food as other countries. Some of the more traditional food/ customs do differ. Their soups are magnificent, Chicken Kiev is typical/traditional Russian dish. They have a ton of different breads (all very yummy). Russia is known by many for having fantastic cheeses. My favorite Russian food, would be (spelling is way wrong) Surok, that is kind of how it sounds. It is a treat. Many would disagree but I think it is a food group all on its own.

  2. amfound2 says

    When we were in Australia we used to visit this Russian cafe which sold a sort of doughnut bread stuffed with savoury things like stilton and cabbage, or rice and vegetables. I am not making it sound very nice but it was REALLY LOVELY.
    The dough was a savoury dough and we had our Saturday lunch there every week when we were doing the shopping.

  3. mother_amethyst says

    Blinis (thin crepe-like pancakes) with caviar and sour cream
    Beef Stroganoff
    Chicken Kiev
    Potato pancakes with applesauce and sour cream
    Borscht (beet soup)
    Cabbage soup, boiled cabbage and potatoes
    Rye bread, black bread, sausages and pickled cabbage & beets

  4. Leonid says

    Very funny answers…
    I am from Russia :)))
    We eat absolutely the same you do. We even have your damn McDonald's…
    As for traditional food…
    A lot of different soups – made with beet – Borscht, made with cabbage – Shchi, made with everything what you find in your refrigerator and with tomato paste – solanka (if you know how to do it it is very tasty! and good in a morning after)
    So… The main, our food is the same your ones.
    (And there are no drunk bears at our streets :)))))))

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