What happened to former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev?

Question by Vault 34: Hi what ever happen to former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev? And why he is NOT a PM instead of Putin?

During Gorbachev days, every Russian politcians where Communist & even Putin served in Cold War & the KGB. I do not see any difference between Gorbachev & Putin.

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Answer by my samy
they thought he was too soft on issues, they wanted a Bush back

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  1. volleyballchick (cow says

    Because he is 80 and looks in worse shape than Regan did at his funeral. That and Gorbachev is a bit more liberal than Putin or any other current government individual in the now Russia.

  2. Jon J says

    Gorbachev plummeted Russia from being a second world country in which everyone was lower-working class, into a 3rd world nation where millions were thrown into poverty and despair.

    They hate him because he made life much harder for millions of Russians. Which is one of the reasons Russia has become a semi-fascist ultra-nationalist state. Very similar to what happened in Germany before WW2.

  3. Lodar of the Hill Pe says

    Gorbachev was Premier of the Soviet Union's communist empire until it collapsed. Therefore, he was not elected and was not a Prime Minister. He became president of the Russian Federation by default, but not for very long.

  4. Brand X says

    Gorbachev was last premier of the defunct Soviet Union. The new Russia is nationalistic. Gorbachev doesn't fit in. He also represent capitulation to the West. Putin represents renewed Russian pride.

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