What is a cocktail with vodka and cranberry juice called?

Question by 3.14159265: What is a cocktail with just vodka and cranberry juice called?
With lime its a cape cod, but is there a name for just vodka and cranberry juice? Thanks!!

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  1. minxcat says

    to the above the Cosmo is : The Cosmopolitan is usually served in a large cocktail glass, also called a martini glass. For this reason, the drink is mistakenly categorized as a type of martini.

    Mix 3 parts citrus vodka, 2 parts cranberry juice, 1 part triple sec, 1 part lime juice. Cointreau or other high-quality triple sec provides a cleaner taste than cheaper triple sec, and is generally substituted in the cosmopolitan. The cranberry mainly adds colour and should not excessively dilute the drink.

    A lemon twist is sometimes used to garnish. Traditionally, a coin sized piece of orange should be “flamed” across the top of the drink. This coats the drink with a slick of citrus oil. Currently, it is popular to see a Cosmopolitan garnished with a lime wedge.
    per the International Bar Tenders Association

    Popular vote on the vodka/cranberry is that its called just that a Vodka/Cranberry and you can substitute the name of your favorite vodka A Cape Cod is made with vodka and cranberry juice, and may be garnished with a lime wedge. Proportions vary, with sources giving a recommended vodka-to-juice ratio of 1/4, 1/3.7,1/2and 1/1.5,while other sources don’t recommend precise proportions.] Some sources recommend lime juice instead of a lime wedge garnish.
    Related drinks

    The Cape Cod is related to a number of other cocktails such as the Sea Breeze (which adds grapefruit juice), the Bay Breeze (which adds pineapple juice), Madras (which adds orange juice), Sex on the Beach (which adds orange juice and schnapps), and the Cosmopolitan, which adds triple sec and lime juice, and Rose Kennedy Cocktail which includes club soda.

  2. girly girl says

    To both guys above…A cosmopolitan is vodka, lime juice, and triple sec, with a splash of cranberry, DUH!! And a cape Cod is a vodka cran with or without a lime!!! If someone orders just a vodka cran I still add a lime. I have been a bartender 8 years now…I know my stuff, I will be serving about 80-100 of those tonight… Hope this helps!

  3. Dan W says

    It is called a Cape Codder.Add grapefruit juice to the mix and it is then a Sea Breeze. In this case the garnish does not change the name of the drink like it does with a rum and coke, add lime wedge and then it becomes a Cuba Libra. Also to the guy above a cosmopolitan contains vodka triple sec lime juice and a splash of cranberry juice stir and strain served with a lime twist or wedge.

    To Girly Girl: Maybe you should compare what I have in my response for a cosmopolitan and you will see that the ingredients are exactly the same as what you put in your response. Did you really read my response?

  4. MM says

    It doesn't have a name. It's a voka cran.– to the guy above me, a cosmopolitan is absolute critron and cranberry shaken and strained into a martini glass and garnished with a lemon peel.

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