November 12, 2014

What is the difference in cheap and expensive Vodka?

Question by Ell Lloy: What is the difference in cheap Vodka and expensive Vodka?
I held a bottle of smirnoff vodka and a cheap bottle of vodka, but they were both 37.5%, is one stronger then the other? or is it just the taste and texture? will one get you more drunk?


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Answer by TFirst Name
No – people just like to get sloshed in class! Really doesn’t matter- both taste rough neat.

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  1. Personally, I do consider Smirnoff to be cheap vodka. As far as getting drunk, any vodka will do the trick, but the more expensive brands (which are usually the ones that have been distilled at least four times) taste much better.

    Also, I read in a bartender's guide once that when mixing with cream and such, cheap vodkas can actually cause the cream to curdle. I'm not sure about how much validity there is to that claim, but I steer clear of them for that reason as well. Just in case.

  2. No hange over with best

  3. I've never been a big Vodka fan and honestly, it's not very distinctive between low price and high price like single malt scotch. The high price might be a little smoother with less bit and that rubbing alcohol taste. On a side note, Smirnoff is cheap vodka, sorry.

    Two different brands of alcohol with the same proof / or % alcohol will get you equally drunk if you drink the same quantity over the same period of time….price has nothing to do with drunkeness…i.e. take a look at Night Train wine.

  4. smirnoff IS cheap vodka.

    the difference is taste, both will get you drunk, but the cheaper one will give you a hangover.

  5. I have found the more expensive ones are smoother and less harsh on the throat.

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