November 4, 2014

What is the zip code for Moscow, Russia?

Question by CrazyGuy: What is the zip code for Moscow city?
What is the zip code for Moscow city? And the person who gave me their address gave me (street address), 10-2-80, Moscow city. Does the 10-2-80 mean anything or is that just like apt number/PO box thing? And could someone tell me if you’re shipping something would you write the address in Russian or in english?

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Answer by Ihtsz Jessica
83843 and 83844…u might be able to send it in english…maybe thats the P.O.Box
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  1. maybe it mind:
    10 – #building
    2 – #housing
    80 – #apartment
    in Russian it write: д.10 к.2 кв.80
    Moscow city zip code – from 101000 till 129000

  2. Jessica was wrong, Moscow has more zip code than 2, i think above 100 or maybe 1000 and 83834 / 83834 doesn't exist.
    This site can help you,
    just put address and will click – "Искать".
    10-2-80 – means – 10/2 building – flat 80, but you didn't write street's name.
    If your friend this block meant –… – "Moscow City" – Building is not finished yet…

    if you will have more information and cannot solve problem- mail me…feel free..Good luck.

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