What is Trans-Siberian Express like?

Question by A.V: Trans-Siberian Express?
I was wondering, has anyone ever taken the trans-siberian? I have taken the train several times, but only from Saint Petersburg to Moscow and back. I am very familiar with western Russia, but can anyone tell me about any difficulties they had on the trans-Siberian in Eastern Russia?

What was it like? And I’m not going with a group- just with a friend. And we just want to go pretty much straight through- none of those dog sledding day trips or anything, I think. Maybe a two day stop in Irkutsk and a couple other places.

(I am hoping to go from Vladivostok, through Irkutsk, to Moscow and on to Saint Petersburg)

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Answer by Dayvid
I have never personally taken it, ( my family and I live a 5 hour flight east of Moscow in Sterlitamak 200 kilometers south from Ufa, at the base of the Urals on the western border of Siberia). I have a couple friends that have been on it and from what I’ve hear from them, it is long, tiring and boring. Also, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Siberia, but there isn’t much there in the way of entertainment and your trip will last the better part of a week if you’re going to Vladivostok (which is beautiful by the way, I’ve seen it once and our eastern naval fleet is based there…BEAUTIFUL!)…if possible, bring a lot to read, music to listen to and try to make sure your friend is a male. I’ll call home and see if I can’t get any more information to help you. Good luck..I’ll email you with the results.

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  1. RussianTeacher says

    I will be taking Trans-Siberian to go from Tyumen to Tobolsk at the end of March. If you are still interested, I can provide an update after my trip. I was born and grew up in Saint Petersburg, but always wanted to see Siberia. Good luck!

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