What would happen if the US went to war with Russia?

Question by bored: what do you think would happen if the US went to war with Russia?
Our military is currently busy with the Iraq war, and with the recent tension between the US and Russia mounting, do you think we will pull out of Iraq sooner? I personally think China would sit back and let us and Russia fight and weaken our military and then they would pounce on us. What do you think?

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Answer by Zarbon Z
Russia would use nukes on us if they were losing badly, and then we would use our nukes on them

adn then other allies of each other would nuke there enemies an we would all die an the planet would be on fire an radiation would kill all other animals

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  1. Billythebutcher27 says

    Of course the communist pigs would use there nukes and

    They have more than we the USA . But we have 50+ hydrogen

    Bombs for every nuke they have. And their cheaper,bigger,

    Better. Also in a nuclear standpoint , our defense systems

    Are far superior in every respect. our freedom built long

    Range stealth bombers are also superior. I don't believe

    The Russian leadership is courageous enough to fuck with

    Us cause they know that a republic form of government will

    Prevail. And if it were to be ground war we would kick the

    Shit out of the Russian skurge. Cause of the amount of

    Combat experience we have. Yes the Russians have some

    To but look how afghanistan turned out for them. And it's

    Cause they are bad Stalin seed… Fuck Russia

  2. bossage says

    To be honest i think that the u.s would whip some a** we have way more firepower but i figure afterwards china would take us over:/

  3. TheSmartOne1 says

    Look everyone, if you are reading this blog…STOP!!! This is an American website, everything will say good things about the US. If this was Russian, it would be saying "Save The Motherland"! P.S. I dont think Russia and America will fight, there is no point.

  4. supercat1987 says

    US,EU,Russia +China need each other in all senses, so they will point each other then get over it…

  5. hopefull says

    we the us are in the red our debt is huge russia broke even a few years ago they do not owe one dollar put it this way they are drilling almost as much oil a day as a few middle east countries they can afford to do what they are doing we do not need to get involved we only need to if they come into my state of georgia where i live the good ol peach state

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