Why did the USSR get so much of Germany after WWII?

Question by JDoe787: How come the USSR got so much of Germany after WWII?
West Germany was divided up into 3 areas that aren’t as big as the Russian sector.
Was there lines or parts of the West that were divided into GB , France , and USA sectors?

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Answer by Bilbo
They got Eastern Germany which contained Berlin – the area they had taken more or less captured themselves. The Western allies got the rest. The USA, UK & USSR areas were similar. French was rather less – but strategically important for them.


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  1. Paisley says

    The sectors were agreed upon between the Allies at the Yalta conference, which took place before the end of WW2. There were 4 sectors, divided between the USSR, USA, UK and France. After the defeat of Germany, it was the responsibility of each Allied country to administrate their own sector.

  2. Hahna says

    Because the USSR was a part of the Allies during WWII; they got a piece of Germany to control. After the war, the Allies wanted to make sure that Germany would never fight another war, so they disassembled all of the remaining factories in Germany and divided it up amongst USSR, USA, GB, and France. The proportions were most likely based off of population and what each country could handle controlling rather than area.

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