Why did Vladimir Lenin ordered to kill the Romanov family?

Question by TINY: Why did Lenin ordered to kill the Romanov family?
What were his reasons?

Quick answer:

Answer by Dana R
I believe it had something to do with the fact that he took power from the Romanovs and he ordered them killed because they were the only people with birthright to the throne or power of the country.

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  1. Ariel Parra says

    I do believe that Lenin was the one that order the murder of the Romanov Family they were murdered without a trial Lenin and the Bolsheviks were simply afraid of the power the Romanov Family represented in Russia and that is why they decided to kill them regardless of what they had done no one deserves to be murdered the way they did.

    I am very interested in learning more about Russian history and will read War and Peace as someone in a previous posting has suggested .

  2. Sprouts Mom says

    First, I'm not sure it was Lenin, it certainly wasn't him alone making the decision.
    As long as the Tsar was alive there were MANY people who revered him to the point where they would lay down their lives for him. Hence the "Reds" v. the "Whites" and their armies.
    Watch Doctor Zhivago – REALLY. In addition to being a remarkable love/life story, it gives you a fairly accurate representation of what was going on after WWI – which directly led to the Communist Revolution.
    There's also "War and Peace." I recommend the book (a must read for any serious history student) but there's always the movie. Not my favorite – Henry Fonda?
    In order for the Communists to ensure the "masses" wouldn't rise up to fight them, they had to eliminate the Tsar AND his entire family, including the children, Uncles, cousins, et al.
    Any of these people could have been used to rally the masses. Most ran off to Paris to avoid being executed.
    As one answerer noted, this has been a common tactic in war for millenia.

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