Why does russia always distrust western europe and the USA?

Question by Kenneth Gibson: Why does russia distrust western europe and the USA?
Russia has had a long standing feud with western europe and in recent years with the USA.

Why does russia always hate the more successful western europeans and Americans.
Im going all the way back before Peter the Great to present day.

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Answer by booga b
World War II. Read up on where the United States focused the majority of its forces during that time. Russia was in a world of hurt but got VERY little support from anyone else. There has been tension ever since.

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  1. says

    Why is everybody hard on the media, sure there full of shit most of the time, but there is always some truth to it and if u get it from a lot of different sources u can paint an accurate picture, some people dont understand the us and russia have been allies since the 1800s notably when they supported the union during the civil war and kept france and britain from getting involved. The cold is what all us vs ussr came from and man did we hate eachother, humans tend to do that sometimes.

  2. Alex says

    I'm an American and I do not trust our government/Zionist Jew apparatus who script our newspapers, movies, and wars. Before we had our current phony "war on terrorism," the "red scare" was the tool of the day used to keep the "great beast" (the American masses) on it's hind quarters while funneling American wealth into the bottomless pit of the military industrial complex.

    The Russian People, just like Europeans and Americans are kind and descent folk. The truth of the matter is quite simple. In all countries it's always the self promoting assholes in power (bought and paid for by the ultra rich) playing nasty games and concocting lies about "the other side." How ironic is it they themselves are the real enemies of the people. They who raise the specter of an "evil empire!"

    Exposing this fundamental lie in all it's subtle forms is of inestimable importance.

    There is a clear connection and proportionality between the civility of countries to one another and civility between a government and it's people. How can a government properly take care of it's people when it's main purpose (verified by the percentage of it's budget) is to funnel it's wealth into a war machine to be used against self-created enemies?

    The evolution of protest movements around the world today is truly inspiring. It shows that common people everywhere have had enough bullshit from their leaders and are finally doing something about it.

    This rising up is the fulcrum of the desperately needed global transformation. It encompasses the ultimate goal of a truly sustainable planet.

  3. Mendeleyev says

    Actually, if you visited the Russian war archives, you'd learn that the USA did a lot to help Russia at the onset of the war. A victory to Victory Park in Moscow is a literal exhibiton of American machinery donated to the Red Army.

    Add medical supples and food to that also. Russian soldiers, many of whom I've interviewed, at rations of tins of corn and meat from states like Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa.

    Stalin often ordered that the USA stamps on supplies and rations be replaced with CCCP insignia but soldiers knew the difference.

    You are not correct about Russia and America being enemies back to Peter the Great. Until 1917 the USA and Russia were very close allies at times.

  4. Marko S says

    booga b:

    "World War II. Read up on where the United States focused the majority of its forces during that time. Russia was in a world of hurt but got VERY little support from anyone else. There has been tension ever since."

    Very little support?

    Then what was that Lend-Lease thing?

    "Lend-Lease (Public Law 77-11)[1] was the name of the program under which the United States of America supplied the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, China, France and other Allied nations with vast amounts of war material between 1941 and 1945 in return for, in the case of Britain, military bases in Newfoundland, Bermuda, and the British West Indies.

    A total of $ 50.1 billion (equivalent to nearly $ 700 billion at 2007 prices) worth of supplies were shipped: $ 31.4 billion to Britain, $ 11.3 billion to the Soviet Union, $ 3.2 billion to France and $ 1.6 billion to China."

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