Why does USA allow Russia to have more nuclear weapons?

Question by scorpus23: Why does The USA allow Russia to have more nuclear weapons than they have themselves?
Why would the USA allow Russia to have more of these “Nuclear Weapons”?

What’s preventing them from developing more Nuclear Weapons than Russia has?

I don’t see a reason why they’d let Russia have more and not do anything about it or make more Nukes for themselves to outdo Russia….
A couple people on Yahoo Answers said Russia has more but on TV they said The USA does so I still don’t know for sure which one has more…

But if Russia does why would the USA allow it?

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Answer by Gina
The US has enough weapons to blow up the earth at least four times. Russia has about twice as many as us so between the two of us we have enough to blow up the world at least 10-12 times. I don’t see why either of us need any more. I think it’s a mute point after you have enough to destroy the world once.

There’s a lot of other things we could be spending the money on. Like the two other wars we are already involved in, not to mention the million other problems our country has. We should probably try and avoid resurrecting the cold war if at all possible.

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  1. bob says

    thats bull crap, the russia dont have a missle defense system , we do and that why they dont want up to deploy it and threayen us if we do, regan wanted to deploy it in space , we also can shoot a missle down and we proven it and no one had that till we gave to Israel and some other countries

  2. John H says

    Russia has more nuclear weapons and they have better defences, so we don't have enough to destroy them. They can stop 90% of our missiles, and we can maybe stop 1% of theirs, so they could easily destroy the US 10 to 1.

  3. Takahashi says

    Lol " Shouldn't Scorpus be spelt scrotum", HAHAHAHAH.

    Last time i checked sweetheart, the US doesn't control the earth and tell everyone what to do, they lost their "greatest power" status a LONG time ago.

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