Will Russia attack America?

Question by chesswizard: What’s the probability that Russia will attack America?
What is the probability that Russia (lead by Putin) will attack America?
It just seems like Russia is doing more then posturing and typically when country’s economies crumble like Russia’s has they go to war.

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Answer by ArmandStammer
The possibility must be regarded as nonexistent, unless the Russian leaders turn psychopathic, or if we have an accidental “Fail Safe” type situation. Russia has somewhat recovered in terms of its economy and corruption after the end of the Cold War, but the nation is in no shape to engage in a major war, particularly with the world’s remaining superpower (as weakened and overextended as the USA now is). You are right, countries that are not the most democratic like to take their public’s mind away from the day-to-day troubles by creating crises, but an attack on the USA would be disastrous and insane, bringing far more harm than good for Russia. (We must ask, what would be in it for them? Conquest followed by occupation would logically be out of the question, and how would Russia profit, aside from the prestige of licking the main bully on the block?) Talking tough is one thing, going into real action is quite another, and there is nothing to indicate a misreading of Putin’s increasingly strong rhetoric.

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  1. says

    Excellent replies, I loved all of them. Since nobody knows the future it's fun to debate. I believe the Bible and think the Bible quotes were right on. I can see things from the aspect of non-believers and loved their comments also. I'm a historian and study current events and governments so the quotes there I think are right on also, even when they seem to oppose each other. In WWI and II and every other war, in each one there are not enough books to contain all the battles, all the decisions, and everything that went into it. Humans ultimately don't really have much say in it. Nobody has any control in a war, even leading up to it. Napoleon was more than compelled by many overwhelming factors, even Hitler. The world loves to blame one scapegoat. Like in the JFK assassination. The best quote I've heard on that was by a person who obviously would know, an insider in both the Executive administration, CIA, and Mafia, and what he said is this, "Everybody wanted JFK dead and nobody said don't. It just sort of came together and happened, everybody was in disbelief at their own involvement and in complete denial during what was merely everybody collectively pushing their own necessary buttons and following orders." We're just sort of sucked into it. Even our politicians. Even the Elite who hungrily greedily anticipate wars and try fueling the flames as much as possible, really have no ultimate say or power in what really happens. In WWII there's plenty of evidence to show that the Elite wanted Hitler to win and counted on America joining him. When that plan turned south and failed they went to plan B which is turning America into the Fourth Reich. And if you ask the American people they'll confess that they no longer control their government, nation, or future. Russia at the moment is where Germany was prior to Hitler's team consolidating their power. China handed Russia 75 Billion dollars a few weeks ago, and their militaries have begun training together since 2005. China has already constructed many structures on most of the Islands outside their jurisdiction in disputed waters near all the lands they want to control. Fishing boats from China are constantly being confiscated by these nations such as the Philippines and Vietnam that turn out to be highly sophisticated surveillance ships studying the resources and layout of expanded areas. And nukes never age. I love that debate. And yes you're right, they do age, they do deteriorate. But you can still hit the ignite button, and even an old dog can wag its tail. If the computer on board can turn the fins and rudder then you still got a chance to hit their mark and explode. Luckily America is an island, so if you miss by a few hundred miles, there won't be too many people left to complain. Worst case scenario they accidentally hit their best friend Cuba or the currently rioting and self-massacring Mexicans or the Innocent Canadians. Occupation, I love that word, because in America it's not an option. The moment you disable their government, and with the help of a few nukes, the self-hating, suicidal, self-destructive American people will do the rest for you. Half of them are S.Americans, Native-Americans, Gangs, Organized Crime, Cartels, especially if you unleash the 1% of Americans that are serving life in Prisons, and they all want one thing, to kill their brothers and neighbors. The larger gangs have already been supplied with Bazookas and Ak-47's which are found stockpiled in warehouses every few years and even police confess that where they find one there's probably 10 more that have not been found. They come from any dealer whose capable of shipping them, mostly from China. Then there's Columbia and other warlike nations awaiting the rule of a cartel overlord who is a longtime evil murderer hording millions of machine guns praying to God or Satan for the opportunity to arm his nation and ride horses or Trains to Chicago. The more than 12,000 Native Americans gathered at the Big Horn River, the Cheyenne and Arapaho and Sioux warriors who wiped out Custard's Army are nothing compared to the 200,000 or more in Canada wielding AK-47s blockading the highway with burning vehicles every time the Canadian government makes them angry. Today there are ambitious wannabe warriors all around America mostly inside of it. So many enemies inside. Nobody will need to worry about occupying America once the structure is gone. Maybe Texas would've held out by maintaining governmental solidarity and sovereignty except for the fact that it's the main highway of the cartel led armies and S.American armies. The S.Americans are angry and will take out their anger on the first Americans they see, which will be in Texas for keeping them out of America and maintaining poverty, disease, and past dictatorships in their S.American nations. The same thing S.Korea is angry at the U.S.A. for. These Cartels are already pretty much in California and Texas and have open routes. America is already prepared for such an invasion, but like I said, once their structure is gone, there's nobody to carry out their the U.S.A.s defensive procedures. I love the comments I see all over the internet saying, "bring it on, we're ready!" I love militia mentalities. In fact the Alamo is very famous even today. And the thought of there being a Million Alamo's on that day is very exciting except that nobody will ever hear their tale. I think Captain Jack Sparrow said it the best: "If there were no survivors, who told you about it?"

  2. Sharon says

    Americans being armed will not deter them. Russia is united with China is united with Iran is united with North Korea is united with Cuba is united with Venezuela… you get the picture. They will employ electronic blasts that will kill masses of people before they can think to reach for their guns… they will employ biological warfare that no bullets can stop. They will attack while we have a weak mentally ill closet Marxist / Muslim president (sound familiar?) who cannot be decisive and who hates America himself. It will be a surprise attack while our military is scattered to other places on the globe unable to defend the homeland. All by design. Get close with God… have your priorities. We all die anyway, including the victors. Be prepared.

    • JW says

      Stupid comment
      Its always about Obama isn’t it? Lol
      Get real, take off your rose colored glasses and realize this has been going on well BEFORE Obama.
      Bush weakened us a lot, as other presidents have done before Bush.
      Get off the “Obama is a muslim” thing, it makes you sound ignorant and uninformed.
      It’s NOT about republican, Democrat, Independent. They don’t care about the average american.
      We have to fend for ourselves

      • Daniel J. says

        Actually, Obama is a Muslim. Don’t worry…I won’t bore you with the many verses in the Koran that details non Muslims as enemies deserving of brutal death…one more thing…if you honestly don’t see Obama’s Islamic agenda…your fooled.

  3. James B. says

    I believe very strongly, that America will be destroyed by Russia and the Arab Federation alliance. It has been in the works for years now. And the moment of their surprise attack is imminent. I believe that at the close of 2012. There will be a paradigm shift. More than likely America will be destroyed before the summer of 2013 is completed. It has been prophesied for many years in the confinements of God's holy Word the Bible. You can read it for yourself. Intro my chapter 50 and 51. Revelation chapter 18. Also chapter 18 of the book of Isaiah. In one hour America will be annihilated. This is the warning sign. When you actually think about it it makes logical sense. There are more than 6 million Jews that reside in New York City. There's another 2.7 million Jews dispersed from New York to California. There will be a second restoration of Jews leaving America. And going back to their homeland Israel. This hasn't transpired as of yet. But something has to happen in order for them to leave America. But once they start leaving America. That is the warning sign. That America will be destroyed is also prophesied that in the book of Isaiah, that's 144,000 Jews, actually witness the resurrection of believers, that is known as the rapture of the church, the destruction of America, will be the precursor to the time of the tribulation, she has to be taken out of the way, in order for the European countries to come to the forefront, and in order for Israel to be attacked by Russia and the Arab Federation alliance, you may find that this might be far-fetched, but actually it isn't, and the time of our destruction is near, you might be asking yourself what can I do, rely heavily on God. Have faith in this word, and practice righteousness. The Scriptures tells us. But those that are not destroyed. Will return to their own homeland. Well that which they are accustomed to. Since America is a melting pot of the world. And that we have a diverse nationality of people residing within our country. Please if you have time. Read the Scriptures for yourself

    • Alex says

      I hate when fanatics have absolutely no idea what they are talking about so they start preaching from a 2000 year old book. The bible has no idea if Russia will attack the U.S. so stop trying to twist its words to fit the scenario.

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