Will we someday go to war with Russia?

Question by Ideal Purposes: Will we someday go to war with China and Russia or North Korea?
With Russia STILL spending most of it’s money on military advancements, with Iran building secret nuclear facilities and with China and North Korea ALSO making big military changes. Do you see a war in the future? Or are they hopefully just building up there military forces with no means to harm anyone :). What are your opinions?

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Answer by Prisoner of An Internet Spy
Why would they build up their military force if they did not want to use it? Think about it. The US has a huge defense budget and we are in a war in Iraq and Afganistan. We still have troops all over the world, and if the Republicans have anything to do with it, there will be wars and rumors of wars until the end of time.

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  1. Airman says

    With modern military technology, who would want to go to war today? If all the countries were to go full force on their weapons, there wouldn't be a winner at all because who would survive? In today's world, it's all about using each other, not fighting each other.

  2. Advice Sonshi says

    When China and Russia have nuclear weapons( as well as US)

    WHY would we ( all three countries) go to war knowing that the other country(ies) could nuke one another with ease

    it not worth it because no one will win. basically the advancement is to intimidate other countries so that don't try ( similar to the animal world if you look at it that way)

  3. kenoplayer says

    Let's use a little logic here, to answer your question. If a country had WMDs or a large military, would you pick a fight with them? No, you wouldn't. That's the whole point of building WMDs and a large military. To keep others from trying to attack you. It's a strategy that those countries you listed are using to prevent from being attacked. It's the very same strategy employed by the USA for several decades.

  4. Salty dog says

    Well the Americans seem to go to war with everybody at some time or other, so you had better built a shelter.But I think that Chine is a bit too big for the yanks to chew.And they shouldn't field a convention force against Russia, because they will only get their a r s e kicked.

  5. jak080 says

    Who's we? We probably will have a war with Russia maybe but not with China. Likely we will have a war with North Korea.

  6. starleo51 says

    If you look-up history back from Napoleon until now my answer to your question is YES.

    But just to remind everyone alive that WAR is a RACKET, and only the International Banking Cartel serve as the single winner because it is designed to serve for that purpose.

    Divide the people and conquer strategy.

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